Top 5 Themes for Memorable Corporate Events

Each year, companies host several types of events to acknowledge and reward their employees. No one wants to host a boring event—especially when it’s for your work colleagues. To liven up any event, you can start by choosing the right theme. Here are five amazing themes to consider using for corporate events in Chicago.

1. Comic Book Superheroes

A popular idea to make your employees feel special is hosting a superhero-themed event. Almost everyone wants to feel like a superhero from time to time. To achieve this goal, decorate your event space with superhero-themed designs. This means choosing decorations that invoke a comic book–style feel. While decorating this event, choose bright and vibrant colors. For food, provide guests with sweet treats featuring the logos of popular superheroes.

2. Winter Wonderland

Throughout the year, outside temperatures begin cooling down. As this happens, think about planning a winter-themed event for your employees. If you’re going to host this type of party, then your decorations should invoke the theme of winter. This means choosing lots of white and greys in your color pallette. To make these colors stand out, pair them with contrasting shades of gold, blue, and black. To truly make this event feel like a wonderland, think about hiring a live band or DJ services. After guests begin hearing music, many will want to start dancing. Therefore, you’ll also want to have a dance floor for your guests to enjoy. 

If you’re looking for a great beverage idea for this event, make a Winter Wonderland punch. By combining ice cream, soda, and fruit punch, you’ll have delicious and cold beverages your guests will love. You can also carry over the theme into a hot chocolate bar for guests of all ages to enjoy. To keep your guests warm, provide them with finger foods including mini-sausages, dips, and other hot treats.

3. Roaring ‘20s

A corporate event is a great time to take your employees back to another era. If you’re wondering which era to choose, consider hosting a theme based around the Roaring ’20s. For a party to truly capture the ’20s, you’ll need all guests to dress the part. Considering that most every attendee will be dressed with era-appropriate fashions, think about turning this event into a contest. You could give prizes away to the best-dressed guests. 

Another way to showcase this era is hiring a live band that’s able to play hits from the decade. A night of dancing and partying is going to work up an appetite. To solve this problem, have plenty of ’20s-themed snacks and beverages for your guests. This includes classic party foods including shrimp cocktails, deviled eggs, cheese plates, and finger sandwiches. For adult beverages, make sure you have gin, wine, and champagne for guests to sip on.

4. Luau

Throughout the year, many employees dream about taking a vacation. With that in mind, certain people love spending their vacations in tropical locations. Fortunately, your employees don’t need to purchase an airplane ticket to spend time in that type of environment. Instead, allow your employees to enjoy a Luau-themed corporate event.

To achieve this goal, you’ll need tropical-themed decorations including artificial palm trees, leis, and plants. For something simple, safe, and cost-effective, think about purchasing inflatable tropical decorations. Of course, no luau is complete without lots of Hawaiian-style cuisine. Offer guests dishes featuring tropical fruits paired with chicken or ham. Also, you’ll want to offer several popular tropical drinks for guests to enjoy. These drinks can include pina coladas, daiquiris, and margaritas.

5. Casino Night

A casino night is a fun way to reward your employees. With that said, you don’t want to put your employees in an awkward situation where they feel compelled to spend their money. Instead of this, have your employees receive play chips upon entering the event. This allows everyone to have a good time without worrying about losing money. 

To host an amazing casino-themed event, you’ll need to rent casino tables. These tables allow players to take part in certain games. Here are a few casino games to consider: 

Renting professional gaming tables will make your employees feel like they are at a real casino. It’s also a good idea to rent casino-themed decor that will make guests feel like they’re spending a night in Las Vegas. 

If you’re wanting to offer food that pairs well with this experience, think about offering prime rib. This food is a casino night classic that pairs well with finger foods. After eating, offer guests a wide range of Vegas-style cocktails and other adult beverages. You may event want to hire a professional bartender to bring the party to life.

Final Thoughts

No corporate event is complete without some type of theme. To ensure your next corporate event is a success, consider choosing one of the previously mentioned ideas. If you need help with hosting corporate events in Chicago, consider reaching out to local event companies. These companies help with all types of corporate entertainment in the Chicago area. By hiring an event planning company and renting the equipment you need, you can rest assured that your company’s upcoming event will be a smash hit with guests. 

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