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5 Fantastic Facts You Never Knew About Casinos

Casinos are a great source of entertainment, recreation, and sometimes, big financial gain. In the U.S., Las Vegas is the number-one gaming spot, but if you’re looking for the number-one gambling spot in the world, that’s Macau. Chicago is also a casino hotspot, with a variety of different casino equipment to enjoy. Many legends circulate the world of casinos, and why many are exaggerations, some of them are true. Here are five fantastic facts you may not know about casinos. 

Penny Slots Are the Real Big Money Makers

Casinos make more money on penny slots than any other game. It may sound strange, especially when you consider high rollers, but the small amounts add up. Penny slots are inexpensive for casinos to install, and some have hundreds. Some casinos have more penny slots than any other slot machine. 

This provides a large return on investment. The Atlantic Club Casino Hotel got 70 percent of its income from penny slots in 2013. Players bet much more than a penny because the game requires them to select a line or minimum bet, usually from 50 cents to $3 for specific bonus features. You can choose a low line, but most players want to play for the highest bonus features.

This could become very costly fast, but there are penny slots where you can choose 20 lines and qualify for all the bonuses. The credit for this phenomenon goes to the Great Recession. Players can enjoy playing the slots without feeling like they’re spending too much.

The Smallest Casino in the World

Several places claim to be the smallest casino in the world, but only one can be the real deal — and it is truly impossibly small. It doesn’t have a permanent address since it is located in the back of a London taxi. Part of Grosvenor Casino in London, it is a full-fledged casino with a gaming table, bar, dealer and a TV that plays sporting events and provides internet gambling facilities. Riders can make a charitable donation to the company’s charity, Carers Trust, and be taken anywhere in the city. If they decide to gamble, they can ride for free. It is a promotional bid by Grosvenor Casinos to bring more clientele into the casino and raise money for its chosen charity.

Another casino that claimed to be the smallest was called Santa Ysabel Casino and was located in a minimart in Palomar Mountain, San Diego, California. It was run by Native Americans and was 600 square feet. Santa Ysabel Casino was basically an arcade with slot machines, live blackjack and live poker. It was a quirky tourist destination but has been closed for a few years. Hopefully, it will reopen as a casino.

Native American Casinos Started With Bingo

In 1989, The Supreme Court of the U.S stated that state governments do not have the authority to tax Native Americans on their land or regulate their activities. So Native American casinos are some of the best-loved in the U.S. They began in earnest in 1979 when the Seminole tribe of Florida started a bingo hall in Hollywood, Florida. Players started to win big, much more than is legal in Florida, causing the Seminoles to fight in court. They won because Native American reservations and other tribal land are sovereign, and they can legally set up high-stakes casinos. Today, Native American-owned casinos are spread far and wide and offer Las Vegas-style shows, gaming, and other entertainment.

The Difference Between American and European Roulette

There are several kinds of roulette wheels, but the two main types are European and American. It is easier to win on a European wheel than an American one. Started as a gaming device in earnest around 1760 in France, the wheel originally had a double zero pocket. This was removed by casinos in Germany. Today, the American wheel still has an extra pocket. It has a two-zero as well as a one-zero pocket, which gives the advantage to the casino. Both are available casino equipment in Chicago. 

Previously, in 1866, it was even harder to win, as there was an American Eagle pocket too. If you are a roulette player, the first thing you need to do is check the type of wheel. In the U.S., most casinos have the American style. The European style was started in Germany because it was thought that giving this small advantage to the player would attract more clients.

A Woman Held the First Casino License in Las Vegas 

According to legend, male mobsters founded Las Vegas. However, in 1920, it was a woman named Mayme Stocker who acquired the first gaming license in Las Vegas. A pioneer of the gaming industry in Las Vegas, she opened the Northern Club in 1920 and offered stud poker, lowball poker, draw poker, bridge and 500. These were the only games that were legal in Las Vegas at the time. The club was on Freemont Street, which is today a local entertainment hub and landmark.

Mayme Stocker was a respectable wife and mother who was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Las Vegas with her husband in 1911. She found the town boring and decided to do something about it. She was a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Republican Party as well as an active participant in the community. She was about as far from the proverbial male mobster as possible. Her husband, a foreman on the local railroad, wasn’t interested in the casino business, so she did it herself. Later, in 1931, when gambling became legal again in Nevada, her three sons joined the business.

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