6 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Corporate Retreat

Planning a corporate retreat or hosting a corporate party can seem overwhelming if you are unsure of where to start. After all, nobody wants to let their employees down. If you are looking to host an office party in Chicago and you want to ensure that every member of your staff enjoys themselves, take the time to brainstorm and compare your options to find a retreat or event activity that is just right for your team. 

Host a Trivia Event

Hosting a trivia event is possible in your own office or by seeking out locations hosting trivia parties and gatherings throughout Chicago. Consider the type of employees you work with and their preferred type of outings and entertainment. If you are unsure of what type of corporate event to plan, simply ask your team for their input.

If you want to host a trivia event but you do not know where to begin or what type of trivia questions to ask, consider working with an event company to help plan a trivia night that is sure to impress.

Throw a Potluck Office Picnic

Throwing a potluck picnic party is another way to encourage communication and connection among your staff without putting too much pressure on those you employ. Request that each employee attending the office party brings a dish of their own that is unique or special to them. Potluck office summer parties in a local park can provide a comfortable, familiar, and welcoming environment for employees, helping them to open up and communicate with their co-workers and teammates in a more personal and significant manner. 

Casino-Themed Corporate Events

Do your employees love the thrill of gambling and playing games but enjoy doing so without traveling to casinos and other places that are not immediately nearby? Are you looking for a way to host a corporate event that is not only memorable and fun but is also unique? Consider hosting casino corporate events in a rented venue or even in your own place of work.

Casino rental companies help businesses to plan corporate events with mock casinos, providing a variety of games that are typically found at a major local casino. Whether your employees love traditional casino games, such as blackjack, craps, and slot machines, or if they are interested in unique games and competitions, working together with casino rental companies can help you to create any type of casino experience you envision for yourself and your employees.

Choosing to host your own casino corporate event is highly advisable if you have a staff who prefers to attend parties and gatherings in the workplace or if you want to simplify the logistics of planning your next corporate gathering. Hosting your own casino event is one way to stand out amongst other companies while also showing your employees that you want to offer an environment that is not only prosperous and rewarding but also fun and relaxed once work has been completed. 

Head Out for Indoor Rock Climbing

If your staff loves spending time outdoors and remaining active, but it’s too hot outside for comfort, consider booking a retreat at a local rock-climbing venue. Rock-climbing gyms provide both individuals and corporate groups the ability to book events and spend time learning how to rock climb in a safe and protected environment.

Not only are rock-climbing events great for physical activity and exercise, but they also provide an opportunity to implement team-building exercises among your staff. Team-building exercises may include improving on communication, teamwork, directing, and protecting, especially when it comes to an activity such as rock climbing. Rock climbing is a great way for team members to push themselves outside of their comfort zones and learn that they can achieve lofty goals when they work together. 

Plan a Food Tour of Chicago

If you work with employees who consider themselves foodies or employees who simply enjoy trying new foods around the city and even around the world, consider planning a food tour of Chicago. A food tour is a great way to get to know more about the types of cuisines that are available around the city of Chicago while also providing you and your employees with quality time to spend with one another.

Spending time with your staff in a fun, jovial, and comfortable environment can help you to get to know those who work for you better and on a more personal level. A food tour is also a great way to learn more about the habits, lifestyles, and personalities of each individual you currently employ. 

Rent a Special Venue

If you do not know where to begin or what type of event is best for you and your next corporate retreat, consider working with a third-party corporate event planning service. A service can provide you with the guidance, assistance, and resources necessary to choose a venue that is sure to increase engagement and attendance among your employees at the next corporate event you host.

Corporate events can have a bit of a reputation as a boring or predictable event that your employees attend out of obligation rather than enthusiasm. If that sounds like events you’ve held in the past, it’s not too late to break the mold! All you need is a bit of creativity and a positive and welcoming environment. Whether you intend to spend time in the city tasting a variety of foods or you are interested in casino themed corporate events, there are plenty of ideas to consider for your next corporate summer retreat in the city of Chicago.

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